CAFSA NPO Survey 2
On behalf of CAF Southern Africa and the CAF Global Alliance, we invite you take part in our next series of NPO Surveys, which are designed to help us find out more about how South African NPOs are being affected by, and adapting to, the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The voice of South African NPOs is vital during this time and we would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to share your thoughts in our upcoming surveys. 

The results of this study will be shared publicly via social and digital media channels and they will contribute to global conversations about the challenges that NPOs face, as well as identify ways that NPOs can be supported in this time through efforts such as donations and policy change.

we are pleased to release the final NPO survey for 2020, which is looking at the current sustainability of NPOs in South Africa, how helpful support has been during the pandemic, and asks how NPOs’ level of operations has changed since lockdown first began.

This short three-question survey, will take no more than a few minutes to complete. 

We will be releasing the findings of our latest polls in January 2021.

Complete the survey by clicking here

The NPO surveys are being run in accordance with CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) who are conducting surveys in Australia, Brazil, India, South Africa and the UK. The information collected will be treated in confidence and will not be presented in a way which could identify the responses of particular individuals or organisations. If you have any queries or problems please contact

Click here to download the latest research report. 


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