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Corporate Responsibility:

  1. We consult with the corporate world, government and the civil-society sector to develop community investment policies and strategies.
  2. We help companies to meet and exceed their corporate giving objectives in a professional and tax-effective manner. We also support the increasing need for companies’ social accountability in terms of corporate governance and B-BBEE codes and Social Impact (Report to Society).
  3. We advise on social investment models and strategies that will create greater value for companies and social enterprise.
  4. We are here to assist you with:
    • Aligning your Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes with your business strategy and CSI focus areas.
    • Provide advice on social responsibility policy and strategy to improve your corporate citizenship reputation.
    • Help implement your CSI plans and social impact metrics so that your company can meet and exceed industry-sector and B-BBEE Scorecard requirements.


Payroll Giving:

Payroll Giving or ‘Give-As-You-Earn’ is an international programme developed by CAF UK and offered and facilitated locally by CAF Southern Africa since 2002. It provides simple mechanisms for employees to donate from their salaries through payroll to a NPO, NGO or cause of their choice through the employer.

All NGOs, NPOs and causes – which are selected as beneficiaries – are first subject to due diligence and validation by CAF Southern Africa in order to ensure that donor contributions are secure, and that the beneficiary organisations’ accountability are assured.

Each ‘Give-As-You-Earn’ programme is tailored to the corporate where it is being implemented and options can include:

  • A campaign name for the ‘Give-As-You-Earn’ programme, as well as dove-tailing it with a corporation’s current Corporate Social Investment Programme theme and Corporate Identity Guidelines.
  • A option of either pre-selected (by the company) or free choice (by the employees) lists of NGOs, charities or causes for employees to support, or a mix of both.
  • Further interaction with the selected validated NGOs, charities and causes for additional CSI programmes and events such as winter blanket drives, virtual and team volunteering events.

Additional benefits of Payroll Giving:

  • All employees who donate through the payroll giving platform are entitled to receive PAYE tax relief on a monthly basis for donations to NGOS, charities and causes that are eligible in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act (up to 5% of remuneration).
    Offers a meaningful way for employees to give back who are unable to engage in employee volunteering activities or find such activities difficult and would rather contribute in another way.
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We have over 300 validated Civil Society Organisations nationwide on our database. With our extensive local and international experience, we specialise in coordinating both local and national volunteering initiatives, for as few as five to as many as 200 volunteers.

Employee volunteering is one of the most effective ways of enabling a company to mobilise its most valuable assets – its people. By volunteering their time and skills (physically or virtually), employees are investing in a meaningful way towards the growth of the economy, and, most importantly, by addressing some of the socio-economic challenges faced by communities.

Here is how SAPF can assist you with your Employee Volunteering needs:

  1. Design and implement customised volunteering programmes.
  2. Develop tools to market, manage and monitor your volunteering programmes.
  3. Match company resources to the real needs of communities.
  4. Perform due diligence checks on beneficiary organisations to ensure volunteers’ contributions are properly invested.
  5. Document the volunteering events and, as far as possible, the return on investment (ROI) and social impact.

Employee Volunteering benefits corporations in a number of ways:

  1. Enhanced Corporate Citizenship reputation (this is proven to have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line).
  2. Volunteering can be added to social responsibility reporting and B-BBEE scorecard calculations.
  3. Improved attraction and retention of quality staff due to better morale, teamwork and innovation and social cohesion of your company and staff.
  4. Employees who volunteer gain:
    Personal fulfilment, service to the community and active citizenship.
    • Skills development and teamwork opportunities.
    • Improved knowledge of social issues and interaction across social and economic divides.
  5. NGOs and CBOs benefit from properly managed resources through: Additional resources.
    Coaching, mentoring and business skills.
  6. Relationships of care and concern.

Our Clients

CAF Southern Africa’s previous and current partners and clients include a cross-section of South African businesses, multinationals and individuals.


Account name: Charities Aid Foundation
Bank: Nedbank
Account type: Nedbank Current Account
Branch name: Parktown
Account number: 1944183795
Universal branch code: 198765
Swift code: NEDSZAJJ

If you donate, please add your name or company name as a payment reference and email your contact details to Meena Parbhoo


Donate to SAPF's Emergency Fund to assist NPOs during the COVID-19 crisis

Southern Africa Philanthropy Foundation (SAPF) has launched an emergency fund to support local Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) during this challenging period.

With the economic and health challenges emerging from the COVID-19 crisis, thousands of NPOs are set to be impacted by funding shortages, which will result in a reduction or discontinuation of services and dedicated staff losing their jobs.

To keep these critical services going, SAPF is mobilising support to make funding available to help NPOs who render essential services to the most marginalised individuals, groups and communities in our society.

We are calling on both individuals and corporates to donate. The relevant bank details for donations are listed below.

SAPF will process all donations and ensure that due diligence, governance compliance and reporting are fully implemented. SAPF will further ensure that all donations are designated to validated beneficiary organisations. Donors will also be issued with Section 18(a) certificates for income tax purposes.

Account name: Charities Aid Foundation
Bank: Nedbank
Account type: Nedbank Current Account
Branch name: Parktown
Account number: 1944183795
Universal branch code: 198765
Swift code: NEDSZAJJ

If you donate, please add your name or company name as a payment reference and email your contact details to Meena Parbhoo


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