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Women's Month voices from across Africa

09 August 2017


The struggle and pursuit for gender equality is a struggle that has no, and knows no, borders.

Women in different parts of the world, and across our continent, experience injustice and oppression based on their gender in both common and unique ways.  

As we celebrate and commemorate Women's Month in South Africa, CAF Southern Africa's Knowledge Manager, Judith Mtsewu, has chosen a selection of powerful quotes from inspiring women across the African continent.

1. “Women must rise above being good managers – of the man, the home, the children and all things spicy and sweet – and boldly step out into visionary leadership.” – Lucy Oriang, Kenyan journalist

2. “If you want to develop Africa, you must develop the leadership of African women.” – Soukeyna Ba, President of Women’s Development Enterprise in Dakar, Senegal

3. “Women are owners of their wombs. They are life. If women got together and screamed, the earth will shake. Such is the power that we wield. We should use that power and shout down the war.” – Chika Unigwe, Nigerian writer

4. “Women are the rock bottom of society, of the family unit, of the home, the connective tissue of society, the mainstay of economic life, the producers and reproducers. They shoulder 90% of all the work but own only 10% of what is owned. Women on the move will change the world, will give birth to another world.” – Nawal El Saadawi, Egyptian writer, psychiatrist and feminist

5. “I feel the revolutionising of our continent hinges on the woman question.” – Ama Ata Aidoo, Ghanaian writer