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Employee Volunteer Month, March 2017

EVM 2017

Employee Volunteer Month (EVM)

March 2017

Employee Volunteer Month was started by CAF Southern Africa (CAFSA) in 2005 to raise awareness about the value of volunteering, for employers, employees as well as civil society. It is a uniquely South African campaign grounded in the belief that employers – whether in the private, public or civil society sectors – can play a catalytic role in supporting employees to embrace their civic duty in support of development.
On a daily basis we witness the growing need for skills and resources within the civil society sector. While monetary contributions are vital to the sustainability of non-profit organisations (NPOs), there is also a huge need for skills development and in-kind contributions.
There is also increasing evidence that employee volunteering yields benefits for employees as well as the business. For example, corporate employee volunteering in particular has been shown to support employee development, employee retention and engagement, brand value as well as reputation benefits.
Whether your organisation has a formal employee volunteering programme or not, CAF Southern African encourages companies, government departments and NPOs to get involved and be part of growing the number and contribution of volunteers in South Africa.
Objectives of CAF Southern Africa’s Employee Volunteer Month:
  • To showcase the contributions of employee volunteers
  • To increase, encourage and improve the impact of employee engagement in communities
  • To facilitate practical cooperation between employers across all sectors and NGO partners in regard to the developmental potential of employee volunteering
CAF Southern Africa also encourages employees and employers to simply join the campaign:
  • Help CAF Southern Africa to ‘spread the word’ about Employee Volunteer Month
  • Organise a volunteering event with colleagues
  • Initiate a conversation about volunteering in your organisation
  • Tell us about your volunteering event by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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To learn more about Employee Volunteering and CAFSA’s work in this area, visit our website follow us on social media or contact us at 011 334 0404.