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Payroll Giving


Payroll Giving or 'Give-As-You-Earn' is an international programme developed by CAF UK and offered and facilitated locally by CAF Southern Africa since 2002.


It provides simple mechanisms for employees to donate from their salaries to a NGO, charity or cause of their choice. All NGOs, charities and causes selected as beneficiaries are first subject to due diligence/validation by CAF Southern Africa to ensure that donor contributions are secure and that the beneficiary organisations accountability is assured.


Each 'Give-As-You-Earn' programme is tailored for the corporate where it is being implemented and options can include:

•   A campaign name for the 'Give-As-You-Earn' programme, dove-tailing with a corporates's current CSI

    Programme theme

•  A option of either pre-selected (by company) or free choice (by employees) lists of NGOs, charities or

    causes for employees to support or a mix of both

•   Further interaction with the selected validated NGOs, charities and causes for additional CSI

    programmes and events such as winter blanket drives and team volunteering events


Additional benefits of Payroll Giving:

•   All employee donors are entitled to receive PAYE tax relief on a monthly basis for donations to NGOS,

    charities and causes that are eligible in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act (up to 5% of


•   Offers a meaningful way for employees to give back who are unable to engage in employee volunteering

    activities or find such activities difficult and would rather contribute in another way