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The Isiphala Giving Bracelet

On Wednesday 13 February 2013, CAF SA launched the Isiphala Giving Bracelet, at the Valentine’s Give with your Heart Philanthropy Breakfast, held at Villa Arcadia, Hollard, Johannesburg.


Wearing this bracelet signifies that you have
chosen to give in whatever way you can - large or small - whether through time, support, financial contributions or just through extending a helping hand or word of support to your neighbour in need
The concept behind the bracelet is that of Isiphala – Isiphala is the Ndebele word for a communal grain store.  Those who give ‘invest’ into the store and those in need ‘draw’ on this investment as needed.  
Isiphala is therefore a metaphor representing investment in future well-being.

The Hut: symbolises the concept of Isiphala

The Three Red Beads: symbolize the hearts of all those who contribute

The Cord: symbolizes the strength we have when working together

The bracelets, commissioned through Essay Gifts (a Proudly South African company),  are made by the women of a community development programme that was begun in Cape Town to enable HIV positive women to support themselves and their families through their crafts and beadwork.

Ideas on where you could wear your Isiphala bracelet:

  • Every day- symbolizing your personal commitment
  • On School volunteering and community service teams
  • At Employee Volunteering Team projects
  • As a member of a company’s Employee Payroll-Giving Programme
  • As part of a social club or group who gather informally to give back
  • As part of a Civil society organisation
  • Given as a corporate gift to your clients and partners
    In short….
  • Anywhere and everywhere!

Proceeds from the sale of the bracelet are going towards the work of CAF Southern Africa in their community development work of assisting over 500 validated NGOs across all sectors.

Bracelets are R50.00 each and can be purchased through CAF Southern Africa – contact us for a discounted price quote for orders of 5 bracelets or more :

Bulk order pricing:

1 – 4 bracelets:                  Standard price (R 50.00 each)
5 – 9 bracelets:                  R 45.00 each
10 – 19 bracelets:             R 40.00 each
20+ bracelets:                    R 35.00 each


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